Native English Teacher Recruitment

Native English Teacher Recruitment

If you love interacting with people and are interested in working in a diverse team, Saiei International is the place for you!

As a teacher, your main focus is your students and your lessons. Saiei International believes competent teaching and coaching out students are key to success.

If you love a challenge and would like to learn new techniques, Saiei International is the place for you!

Whether you are experienced or not, we provide you with comprehensive training, so that you can enjoy and be proud of your teaching skills. We also have various events that will bring you a lot of challenges and bonding experiences with students and staff members!

If you love to work in a team and are interested in experiencing a diverse culture, Saiei International is the place for you!

We put a great emphasis on TEAMWORK. We adopt a unique system of pair-teaching, where a Japanese teacher and a Native teacher work together to offer the best learning opportunities for our students.

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