趣味・特技 I have a wide range of hobbies and interests. I basically enjoy doing anything that involves being creative. From making pasta from scratch to CG models. What I do the most is draw. Come see me and ask me to draw something. I always enjoy a challenge.
私のオススメ! I recommend doing new things as often as you can. Go left instead of right. Life can be so busy with daily routines that we find days blur together. Share your day with someone. Something that seems small to you can be very interesting to others.
こどもの頃の夢 I wanted to be an actor. I took part in the drama club in elementary school and was the Scarecrow in the play, The Wizard of Oz. I made a lot of home movies with my friends too. Although I'm not an actor now per say, I do perform as a teacher putting on an interactive educational show each day for audiences of all ages.
          ~メッセージ~ My college teacher always said to us, "Don't try, Do!" It makes a lot sense to me. Trying is OK sometimes, such when we try new food, or try on a new pair of shoes. Do new things, Do what you say and always do your best. Like the Nike slogan says too, "Just Do it".