Ann 先生
趣味・特技 I love reading novels and graphic novels as well as watching anime and period dramas. I find learning about different cultures fascinating as well.
私のオススメ! I have always been interested in fantasy and historical themed stories. Watching or reading such stories on a rainy day makes it even better. Of course, having my favorite blueberry cheesecake and black tea just sweetens the experience!
こどもの頃の夢 Since I love reading, I developed an interest in writing my own stories so I once dreamed of becoming a writer. Even now, I still continue to write during my free time.
          ~メッセージ~ Taking the first step to the unknown will always be frightening but remember that you will never get anywhere by cowardly staying on one spot. Gather your courage and keep moving forward. For sure, arriving in your desired destination will be worth all the effort!