Requirements and Job Responsibilities

Prospective Applicant Requirements


  • Must be a native-level speaker
  • Must reside in Japan
  • Friendly, flexible and constructive
  • Enthusiastic, professional and be willing to learn
  • Must enjoy working with children
  • Eager to improve one’s teaching skills
  • Work well in a team

*Teaching experience is favorable, but not required


  • Work 5 days per week (up to 40 working hours per week)
  • Prepare lessons based on a class curriculum
  • Prepare progress reports for students
  • Teach classes ranging in size from 3-10 students (ages 2 years old and up)
  • Do office work to help the school when required

Company Events


  • English Summer Camps for kids and adults
  • Annual Speech Contest for students
  • Seminars and Seasonal Festivals
  • Annual Teaching Contest for teachers
  • Seasonal Staff Parties and Staff Events

Career Advancement Opportunities

  • School Head Teacher
  • Trainer
  • “Seishain” – Life-time employee

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